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Eclipse 2017 Parent Information

The 2017 Eclipse Across America will happen on Monday, August 21st and Quitman County PreK-12 School is ready!. Quitman teachers and students will have the opportunity to experience an extremely rare and awe inspiring event - a solar eclipse. Millions of Americans will be able to watch this solar spectacle that will turn day into night for a couple of minutes. Quitman County will be using this "teachable moment" to increase the science literacy of our students. We will be utilizing a variety of resources curated by NASA, the Georgia Department of Education and Quitman County educators to provide an unforgettable learning experience for our PreK-12 students. This includes a live streaming of the eclipse.

All activities will take place indoors.

Since student safety is always our first priority we will start the day at our regular time and delay dismissal to ensure that neither students nor employees are on the roadways during the time of the eclipse. Subsequently, the Quitman County School District will delay dismissal by 30 minutes.

 Students will be dismissed by 4:05.  Parents are welcome to pick their child up if needed. Please pick them up before 2pm.

Please contact the school if you have any questions. 229-334-4298.